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“Austin was able to jump right in and immediately contribute on a number of projects. He helped implement new online marketing efforts and also improve and update our website. He also showed great acumen for mastering industry specific topics. Austin is a very dependable teammate and a great guy.”

– Keith Smith,

Principal and Managing Director of Latitude Ventures (Venture Fiji) and Grove Park Capital; Experienced Entrepreneur and Advisor


“While working with Austin, I noticed he always found a way to be better than the day before. He is very driven and efficient in his work, both as a team member and an individual. I most appreciated how detail oriented he was, it was crucial in our ability to perform at a high level. It was a pleasure to work with Austin”


-Taylor Ennis, former FTS International Service Supervisor

“Austin boasts an impressive combination of work experience and self-knowledge. He’s done enough things to show that he knows what it’s like to hustle. For a guy who’s so smart and experienced, I’m impressed by how coachable and open to learning Austin is”


-TK Coleman, Director of Education at Praxis

“For the past two years, I have had the privilege of working with Austin. In these two years, Austin has consistently proven his reliability, dedication, and analytical skills to our engineering team by providing quick and efficient engineering reports and undertaking difficult contracts. He is exceptionally perceptive and an achiever who can understand the whole project while also focusing on the fine details. I highly recommend Austin: he is a team player and would make a great asset to any organization.”

Jonathan Wheat

-Jonathan Wheat, U.S. Engineering Manager at FTS International