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I am a student of business, self-directed learning, and young Austinite. I moved to Austin Texas recently and was involved with the Praxis program (www.discoverpraxis.com). Praxis is an ever-expanding revolutionary program that is changing how we think about education, gaining marketable skills, and creating value for others and yourself. I’m personally dedicated to the pursuit of freedom, the ideas of economics, and the idea of constantly improving the world around us. I’m also a self-taught piano player. I love trying out new food and new food establishments all around this city as well as frequenting the greenbelt hiking trails and river spots. My personal hobbies and interests are wide-ranging and constantly evolving, so I’m always open to new recreations and ideas. Most recently I have been focused on reading and learning about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.


Austin Pace recently completed a 9 month educational/apprenticeship-based program called Praxis founded by Isaac Morehouse. Austin is a native of Midland, Texas who has lived, worked and traveled all over Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico. He has visited a total of 13 US states and 6 foreign nations.

After high school, he attended Texas Tech University and graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Mechanical Engineering. He worked and traveled as a petroleum field engineer for FTS International based out of the Dallas/Fort Worth area for over two years before moving and joining Praxis.

He worked at a startup called Venture Fiji doing sales, marketing, and advertising for the luxury travel agency. Venture Fiji is a division of Latitude Ventures who plans to expand to Venture Australia & New Zealand.

He is currently a Logistics Coordinator for Corporate Couriers & Logistics in Austin. He also specializes as their tech support leader.

He is an avid learner of business, economics, entrepreneurship, and a strong advocate for personal freedom, free enterprise, and ambitious ideas.