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Learning SQL

For part of my month 7 PDP with Praxis, I’m learning SQL or Structured Query Language. In addition to books, I have been studying and practicing through a Udemy course. The Udemy course has been fantastic so far. The instructor is clear and repetitive (which you need for learning SQL) and offers exercises within the course for you to critically think on your own before he reveals the answer.

It starts out with database basics, then moves to single table queries, single row functions and grouping functions. These comprise the first 4 sections out of 6, which I have completed. He teaches an array of common single row operators like In, Between, Null, Length, InitCap, Length, SubStr, Trunc, To_Char, and group functions like Sum, Min, Max, Average, just to name a few.

He also emphasizes important notes like how SQL is case insentive and how the basic order and structure of SQL queries function like the snipper shown below:

I follow him step by step via a website tool he uses in the course called Apex (apex.oracle.com) which allows you to setup a free account and use some basic default data tables to explore and practice with their Apex SQL Command Editor. He explains how to set all of this up at the beginning.

I’m getting a good grasp for the nature of the syntax of SQL and it’s getting more interesting the further I go. My notes in Evernote help reinforce the material as well. I can’t wait to finish this course and practice more!

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