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My PDP for Venture Fiji is up!

As part of my growth in my new position at Venture Fiji, my CEO Keith tasked me with drafting, editing, and completing our website’s Best of 2017 Guide which will have multiple parts.

I am considering this my Personal Development Project for this month for Praxis where we develop ourselves both personally and professionally with tangible results.

At Venture Fiji, we completed Part One of our guide and it is now accessible from a popup on our website. After you enter your email address and name, we send you an email where you can view the guide, which let’s you in on our expert team’s recommendations for the best luxury honeymoon spots, best alcohol inclusive resorts, and the best honeymoon spots under $3,000 per person.

My CEO and I had some back and forth on the structure and style of the guide, as well as the selections for the resorts. But in the end, we produced a great insider gift for our website viewers and I’m glad to be able to say I helped create it.

Visit our site at venturefiji.com.


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