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Weekly Challenge from Praxis – Sell Something for $50

Praxis gave me a simple challenge this week. Sell something and make $50. That’s it. Simple right? It’s so simple that I had no reason not to make $50 extra dollars this week.

I looked around my apartment and looked for anything I don’t need or use anymore. I realized I had this big, old, digital piano keyboard in my closet. I used it to build my piano skills when I first started learning. It serves as a great starter tool for a beginner who wants to learn piano.

So I advertised it as that and put it up for sell on craigslist.

For the first 4 days, no one said anything. I thought maybe no one wanted it. Maybe it was too old. Maybe no one wanted to pay for the list price.

Then, I suddenly received offer after offer and sold it the next day. I realized I should look around and try to sell more things I don’t need, that someone else could use.

It’s easy to sell if you have something someone wants. They just have to know you are selling it.

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