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The Internet Changed News Forever

The internet has changed the world of politics and news forever. Before its mass dissemination and availability to Americans and the world, people had very limited resources to research and find information. Political news was limited to merely a few TV channels, libraries, and local newspapers.

Watchdog online news outlets, media groups from all political views, angles, spectrums, and perspectives allow for the diversity of information and opinions.

This is incredibly important. It allows people to know things that previously could be hidden, covered up, or simply not known.  Its forces any view or opinion to be open to scrutiny from all lenses.

It has exposed numerous corruption cases in government, business, and other media. It has shifted what news can be about. No longer are narratives limited to what TV channels frequently talk about or headlines which only talk about the death and destruction of the day.

Facebook, which has over a billion daily active users, has become the predominant news site for many people through various news pages which are both corporate mainstream and independent writers and journalists.

It has become possible to learn and know about nearly anything the second it happens. It’s fantastic.

Although it does allow for what’s known as “echo chambers” where people insulates themselves from dissenting information and opinions. They only read from pages and sites that support their current notions and views and prevent themselves from hearing outside perspectives.

This can be a negative externality from “internet news” but it still preferable to a more limited news world where there isn’t even a chance for some information and views to be exposed to the masses.

The Internet has decentralized and diversified news forever. I think it is a good thing.

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