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The Babadook Movie Review

Since its Halloween weekend, here is my review of a scary movie I saw recently.

The Babadook

This is an Australian movie about a single mother and her child. Her son claims there is a monster that’s going to kill both of them, which the mother obviously doesn’t believe. The movie is shot in a way that makes the house they live in seem desolate like something is missing.

Her husband, it’s revealed, died in a car wreck which she is still grieving over.

Her son’s episodes and wild claims become more and more disruptive. She soon finds a book called The Babadook which reveals sinister and scary threats describing a human-like monster which wears a long black coat. There are cartoon depictions of him in the book.

Soon, it appears that something is haunting her house.

Her son complains of lack of sleep and keeps misbehaving, so she takes him to a doctor and begs him for sedatives to make her son sleep. However, she begins taking them as well.

When the hauntings continue, she begins to think she is being stalked. She goes to the police station but she sees the Babadook’s clothes on a wall at the back of the station and withdraws her complaint out of paranoia, confusion, and fear.

The movie continues to get more direct, with her experiencing total fear and confusion. At this point, based on her behavior, the viewer likely is questioning her sanity. However, her son is corroborating her experience and it appears to be a real monster.

The ending is interesting and, as many horror movies do, has a somewhat open ended conclusion.

The movie is terrific at keeping things tense and taunt during the night scenes and paints an interesting portrait of a mom struggling with grief whose son is claiming to see a monster.

It’s a frightening plot due to how common it is for children to complain of monsters in their bedrooms.

What if it’s real?

Overall I would recommend the movie. For the horror/suspense genre, I’d give it a 7 out of 10. It is definitely scary.

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