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Sallie Lightfoot Freeman

Family History Discovery With My Dad

I called my dad and started talking about our family history through his dad’s side. We followed the rabbit hole and found out my great-great grandmother was half Cherokee. Sallie Lightfoot Freeman.  I found a picture of her and she looked Native American.

My dad and I had zero idea that we had Native American blood, albeit only 1/32nd for him and 1/64th for me. We found out that that lineage of our family lived in Alabama and Tennessee in the mid-1800s and likely fought in the civil war.

We found out many things we never knew and discovered old pictures of family from around 1900. The picture in the link is of my great grandfather and his family.

We didn’t find any sign of family from Louisiana though, which makes it seem unlikely that I’m related to the man I ran into at the bar (who I mentioned in the previous blog), but who knows..

It was fun to look back and write down my dad’s family tree as we talked on the phone. Maybe one day, I’ll look further into or buy a 23andMe DNA test kit.

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