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I Ran Into a Distant Cousin at the Bar, Maybe..

I went to Salado last weekend with my girlfriend. We visited a brewery and I heard a man say something very familiar.

We were sitting near the register and a man called for his tab to close it. He said “Pace P-a-c-e” It’s an unmistakable phrase to me. My last name of Pace can be butchered into so many variations the first time I say it to someone- Base, Paste, Case, Page. I always have to spell it out.

I called him out “Hey my last name is Pace too!” He was shocked. I immediately walked over to him and started talking about our last name. It’s a fairly rare surname with only a few thousand families in the country. I never run into someone with the same last name.

He said his ancestors from a couple of generations were from Louisiana. An interesting nugget of info, my Pace family extended back to east Texas. We also couldn’t help but notice that we looked somewhat similar. Numbers were exchanged and sometime soon, I’ll be sending him a text after looking into my Pace family history a bit more.

I’ll write a follow-up blog if anything noteworthy is discovered. He could be a distant cousin!

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