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Doing Dishes

Dont Make Things Harder Than They Are

People don’t like doing dishes. Even though it rarely takes more than 10 minutes. Every day, some part of our minds tells us that things are harder than they are and it asks us to procrastinate or put it off.

It reminds me of the Resistance that Steven Pressfield talks about in The War of Art. The part of you that always wants to just sit down and not do your chores or think about pertinent decisions or actions.

“Don’t do the dishes. You don’t want to do that. Do it later. Sit down. Maybe have a beer.”

It isn’t that we have to be workaholics or never take breaks. There is a time to rest and relax. You don’t have to always do everything you need right this second. Balance is fine. Don’t let your dishes pile up though, metaphorically speaking. You need to do them. It’s not that hard. Don’t make things harder than they are.

Push your mind for that extra 10 minutes and then you can relax. Take the trash. It takes 2 minutes and then you can get fresh bags and put them in the trash cans.

In fact, I’m going to do those things right now.

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