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Happy People In A Restaurant!

Social Experiment: Follow Up

So last night didn’t get especially interesting results. For one, I had a hard time always doing it. It’s too unnatural to ask a question every single time. However, I do think it was keeping everyone more engaged with the conversation. I asked everyone at least a question or two to hear more about what they were saying which showed interest and got them to more equally split talking time as a group.

Furthermore, I think I found myself more intrigued by what they had to say. Instead of just talking about whatever was appetizing to my mind, I had to take an interest in things others said, regardless of whether I wanted to. Their comments and conversation took first priority and I wanted to get the most out of them.

Though it should be noted, as the night went on, we had a couple drinks and I lost the incentive to keep the experiment up.

We were having fun so I just conversed normally. Was the experiment a failure? Not really. But it doesn’t matter either way. We all had fun.

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