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Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality Will Change Everything

My friend is a software engineer here in Austin. We were discussing the Startup Crawl and virtual reality came up. Apparently, virtual reality has drawn big bucks recently for funding. Facebook is spending $250 million for VR content. One startup recently received $25 million in funding from 20th Century Fox. So I started to imagine. What big changes could be coming and what benefits will these technologies potentially bring?

Welcome to the Future

The first thing people tend to think of for virtual reality or augmented reality is entertainment. It’s possible in the near future that we will all be wearing headsets in the theaters. Sound and video will be right in front of our faces and around our ears. Perhaps we can pan between different points of view and have partial control over where and how we view our movies.

We could even visit hotels, museums, and other vacation spots. You could check out your hotel room model and walk around it virtually. You could get a visual taste of Niagara Falls before deciding to go there or not.

Of course, video games will be greatly enhanced. These could even be developed in fitness games or whatever we want.

What most people probably haven’t thought about, but venture capitalists have, is the potential for improving commerce through improved business and product visualization. Group meetings could actually take place in virtual rooms while no one is actually in the same room. Visualization of data, models, ideas, and prototypes of physical products could all be drastically improved by the technology of virtual reality.

VR could make it easy to learn to new skills, improve education, or sell products and services. Marketing could be boosted. Salesmen and promoters could put potential customers directly inside the action using virtual demos. They could experience it before purchasing.

The potential is limitless. If you can create or recreate anything, the world wins, and the future wins.

Virtual Reality is coming.

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