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Hillary and Trump Won’t Change Your Life. Only You Will.

I loathe how people say the President “runs the country”. No one runs the country. One person does not and cannot control 330 million other people. The President seldom has any discernible impact on your life.

The President doesn’t grow your food, or develop apps, or build your home, or fuel your car, or clothe you. He certainly doesn’t run any business or serve you anything.

Why does everyone care so much about what Hilary and Trump say? All their campaign talk is just typical politician promises or public posturing. We all know this. Don’t get sucked into a debate about their character or how important the election is when it will not affect your life anyway.

All of the attention and time wasted over which person will win is tantamount to following the Kardashians. You may find them interesting, but at the end of the day their actions won’t affect you. At least a few of Kardashians actually offer products like perfume or eye shadow instead of the empty promises and hollow talk of big presidential campaigns.

There are trillions of interactions all over the world every day. One person does not change wave a wand and poof! Everything gets better. Social and economic change occur as a result of the sum of all actions that humans take every day.

Instead of worrying about whether Trump or Clinton will hold the oval office, spend all that time working on yourself and cooperating with others. Don’t spat with coworkers or family about “how things should be” or who is going to “make the country better”. You are looking for change in the wrong place.

The most influential person in your life is yourself, not someone is D.C.

Don’t count on Trump or Hilary or anyone to make your life better. They won’t. You have to do it. You have control over your life, not them. You must create the change and progress you want. Cooperation and creation with those around you is a far superior tactic than voting for “leaders” to dictate things.

So stop following the presidential race. Vote if you want, but don’t rely on some government official from on high to salvage your life and create the change you want. You have to do that yourself.

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