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Artificial Heart From Stem Cells

Scientists Grew A Synthetic, Beating Heart Using Stem Cells

We live in remarkable times. Scientists in New England recently developed a full-size, beating synthetic heart from stem cells. It represents just of the many breakthroughs that have been made through stem cell research. The Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts helped develop the artificial heart.

We have the capability to create artificial organs today. Tomorrow, it is possible that these organs will be commercialized to the masses, in affordable ample supply. A failed lung or heart or stomach could become things of the past.

I also watched a BBC mini documentary on gene manipulation, talking about the potential benefits of synthetic biology. They illuminated that stem cells and even genetically modifiable microbes have incredible potential to solve problems. They can produce and reproduce chemical reactions which our best human chemists cannot mimic.

The ability to harness these powers opens door to solves not only human biological and medical problems, but can be transmitted into creating new energy forms or genetically modifying natural resources (other than food) to grow bigger and faster, like trees or algae.

I can imagine a future not far away where we can grow and regenerate new body parts using our own stem cells and replace our bodies as we age.

We may be nearing a form of immortality! Not really. But maybe.

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