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Acl Day Two

ACL Day Two

Yesterday was Day Two of Austin City Limits. We went around 5 to avoid the sun since we weren’t overly interested in any of the undercards. Our first stop was Cage the Elephant who rocked the stage pretty well. Before their show ended, we began to make our way to Chainsmokers but had to make a bathroom stop. This turned out to be quite the delay. We waited about twenty-five minutes and when we finally made it to the stage, the crowd was insane packed. We unfortunately never got a good feel for the show and left 30 mins early for Kygo.

He, however, did not disappoint. We got a spot in the middle of the crowd, slowing pushing forward as the show went on. Kygo’s show was hands down the best show of the festival so far to me. The stage, lights, visuals, the quality of the sound and the mixing he did was fantastic. To cap it all off, he shot off fireworks at the end.

It was an incredible night and we headed back home for more a few beers before going sleep.

Day 2 = success

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