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Day 1 Of Austin City Limits Music Festival On October 2, 2009.  Full Moon Over The Austin Skyline.

ACL Experience Day One

I went to the first of my three days at ACL yesterday. It’s my first time attending Austin City Limits. I went with a group of friends around 3:30 and discovered immediately that the heat was incredibly distracting. We went to shelter in the shade of Rock Island in the middle of Zilker Park after watching Strumbellas for twenty minutes.

Luckily, some clouds showed up to cover the sun half the time and we walked over to the Honda stage for Awolnation. The Honda stage was excellent. The sound was booming and the crowd was having fun. When it ended, we stopped for the bathrooms then headed over to the Cirrus Logic stage for Cold War Kids, only to discover that the crowd was becoming incredibly packed. At the time, there was only 4 of us and we didn’t want to go too far into the crowd. We ended up not hearing Cold War Kids too well and just hung out near the flags where passing traffic walks by.

We stayed until about 5:30 then strolled down to Flying Lotus and the Samsung stage with the Austin skyline in the backdrop. Flying Lotus was different but interesting for a while. The rest of our friends met up with us and we left Lotus early to get good spots for Flume, the DJ we all were waiting to see. His set was awesome and delivered what we were looking for.

The night began to cool down and after his set, we made our way to Major Lazer back on the Honda stage. We all seemed to enjoy his set the most, though it may have been that the weather was finally comfortable, we had a good spot in the crowd, and we were all finally together.

Getting back was a bit of an ordeal, as it usually is at festivals, but after a significant wait time and some surge-priced Fasten (app) riding, we finally made it home.

Overall day one was a success and we had a great time. We’ve scouted out all the stages and know how to make everything smoother today. I cant wait!

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