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Atx Startup Crawl

ATX Startup Crawl With My Friends

The Austin Startup Week was capped off by the ATX Startup Crawl last night. I attended and it was fun. We started at OutboundEngine. After taking the rather luxurious elevator to the 13th floor, we walked in on a booming scene of music, free alcohol, free swag, and boisterous conversation. A few drinks in, after walking around hipstery, modern offices of OutboundEngine, we decided to move on to the next destination.

We walked several blocks over to a new place called Industrious. We realized that their business model was simple. They bought out the floor we were on and rent it out to business groups and professionals. You could gain access via tiered memberships, even rent single offices or packaged multi-office deals. The décor was modern but not pretentious and it was professional. I was honestly impressed and enjoyed the atmosphere and aesthetics. However, when I saw the prices for normal access, I could see this was a professional venture indeed, geared toward the wealthiest of Austin’s downtown business.

After a few more hours, the event was winding down and the alcohol was running dry. We decided to stop in at a place called Peche. It was a throwback bar to earlier 1900s serving literally any kind of cocktail. The drinks were amazing. We ordered Sazeracs, French 75s, Fig Manhattans, and more. Each was probably the best cocktails we ever had. The food was spectacular too.

After a couple drinks, we all left and called it a night. Today, the festivities continue.

It is day one of ACL weekend 2 and I can’t wait.

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