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Grocery Store Produce

Grocery Stores Have Imports From All Over The Planet (And Its Awesome)

I was at the grocery store today, thinking about what I wanted to buy for meals this week. I started thinking about all the kinds of cuisine I could buy here (H-E-B).

It’s amazing the selection we have available for Americans. Nearly anything you can think of is at my local H-E-B. We import food from thousands of miles away. There’s pesto from Italy, wine from New Zealand or France or Chile. I can buy bananas from Mexico, “biscuits” from England, star anise or swai fish from Vietnam, ghee from India, gouda cheese from Netherlands, beer from Germany, coffee from Columbia or Brazil, or Belgian chocolate.

We never stop to think about how that product was actually in another country a few months, weeks, or even days before. And it’s affordable- wildly affordable. As I stood inside the store, I marveled at how many countries and places around the world I was connected to by merely standing in the presence of all the food and beverage imports.

It’s fantastic that the world is so connected through trade in this way. We gain the benefits of having plenty of choice in what we eat and what we can experience through food, thanks to the cooperation of billions of people around the planet to buy, sell and ship products voluntarily.

I wanted to stop and look through every product just to count up how many countries are represented at my grocery store via their food and drink. My grocery store has imports from all over the planet and I never stopped to think about it until today.

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