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The Only Constant Is Change

I saw a quote today that struck a chord with me.

“In times of drastic change it is the learners who inherit the future. The learned usually find themselves equipped to live in a world that no longer exists.” -Eric Hoffer

Lately, I’ve been having constant thoughts around this theme. We must constantly be ready for change and anticipating the future. If we get too caught up in trying to master aging skills or focusing on old ways of doing things, we begin to get left behind. It is to our detriment to become too comfortable.

One of my friends once told me we have to constantly be exploring and finding new things we like, whether its music or movies or food or hobbies. He said once we stop doing that, we start to become “old”. I think that’s true.

It goes back to the quote at the top. You must be constantly experiencing and learning and adapting or your world as you see it will begin to age and wither. I know everyone says the world changes so fast now but it can’t be emphasized enough.

That realization can feel overwhelming like a canoe you can’t stop paddling, but it doesn’t have to be thought of like that. I prefer to think of it as adventuring your whole life. It doesn’t mean you can’t take breaks or never get to sleep. It just means that you need to challenging yourself and constantly re-evaluating the things you choose to spend your time on.

Never stop adapting and looking forward.

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