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Technology from 1990. Then and Now.

Affordable commercialized technology has been improving since the dawn of man but it is fun to reflect on over just my lifetime. I was born in 1990. So let’s take a look at technology in 1990.

Technology and material standard of living have come a long way since then. The internet as we know it didn’t exist. Google, Bluetooth tech, Java programming language, and Apple were still years away. Cell phones were actually just phones and only made calls. They were far less commonly owned. Televisions were chunky, thick boulders with convex screens, poor resolution and rabbit ear antennas. The TV below was sold at Sears in 1990 during the holiday season.

sears-tv-1990          cell-phones-1990s

Video games were limited to primitive Nintendo and Sega consoles with a few games and CDs had only existed for 8 years. Most people didn’t have a GPS. Good cameras were rare and expensive. You had to actually go to banks to make transactions and deposits. And cars looked like this…


While it is true that all of these things were the best and newest things around at the time, that’s certainly not the case anymore. Its 2016. Twenty six years have passed.

What the Future Looks Like

Today, I have a device that weighs a quarter of a pound that’s hardly an inch thick. I have the ability to look up information on nearly everything in an instant. My device can do every single thing I listed above (except drive of course) and do it better than the technology from 1990. I’m not sure it’s even proper to call them phones anymore. They’re just iPhones, Androids, Super Awesome All-In-One Devices, whatever.

Cars today have the ability to stop for you, sense and signal your blind spots for other cars, and even drive themselves. Albeit, it will still be years before self-driving cars take over.

There’s laser surgery that can fix your vision in minutes. Dental care technology is through the roof and we have healthier mouths than ever. We don’t need publishers anymore. You can publish books yourself online. Anyone can be a photographer with just their cameras on their phones. Theaters have 3 dimensional illusion technology that make you feel like you can reach out and touch a movie setting. You can have a 1280p live conversation with friends and family in other countries thousands of miles away. Tell that to someone living in 1990 and they won’t even know what that really means, much less be able to imagine it.

selfdriving-car   laser-eye-surgery



Our material well-beings have improved so greatly over just my life time, a mere 26 years. I can’t imagine what kinds of commercialized technology will exist for us in another 50 years. The mere act of trying to fathom it is exciting enough. I think we’re in for a real treat over our lives.

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