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Austin Greenbelt

Hiking Can Rejuvenate You

Last Friday I went hiking along the Barton Creek greenbelt. The weather was perfect. The temperature was high 70s in the early morning with nearly zero wind. The air seemed so fresh and oxygenated. I hadn’t been outside enough recently and it was completely refreshing. The sunlight beaming on me through the dense tree branches. The cool soft ground beneath me on the path.

It reminded me that nature is always a useful wellness booster to my psyche and my health. Getting simple exercise (though I do workout frequently) clears my mind, especially when it’s in such a beautiful setting. I hiked down to the creek. I was surprised to see several people already there at 10:30am but then again, I shouldn’t be. Even though I go to a relatively secluded spot on the trail, it’s not a secret to everyone else either. I guess others had the same place in mind that morning.

The hike was nice, though. My girlfriend and I stopped and sat by the river for a long while. The air was so cool and breezy by the water that we didn’t even need to get in to cool down. We reflected on what a great destresser it was and asked why we don’t do it more often. I want to make it a more regular habit.

I wonder how many people who are having a bad week or feel down in the dumps could turn their mood around by simply going on a light hike.

So I’m writing a note to self:

Visit the greenbelt or go hike somewhere outside at least once a month. It will clear your mind and rejuvenate you.

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