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Its Time For Action

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I have officially agreed to enter into a visionary new apprenticeship-based educational program called Praxis. It focuses on personal development, personal goal-setting, and deliberate skill development in order to help produce a more entrepreneurially-minded individual who breaks the mold of traditional mindsets in the workplace and in life in general.

Their link is here  https://discoverpraxis.com

I have known about this program for several years now since its early inception. The team is made up of go-getting, professional individuals and I decided to apply. After being accepted through their interesting review process, I took time to think about whether or not this program would be right for me and whether I financially have my ducks in a row so I can complete the program.

Their team members answered all of my questions clearly and earnestly. Upon furthering pondering, I started to realize that I seem to be a natural fit for such a program and would probably benefit greatly from it. I signed the papers last week.

I’m very excited to begin with the program and recalibrate my “personal basics” of working hard, focusing my actions, creating and achieving, and return to the workplace.

I’ve always been good at these things and I believe Praxis will help me continue fine tuning these virtues in new ways as I continue my journey.

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